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stor_tours_3Are you looking for an interesting and educational Field Trip for your students or organization? Imagine going on a journey and visiting the habitants of a West African Backwater stream or a Southwest Asian river. Perhaps you have something more tropical in mind, like a beautiful Caribbean Coral Reef.
By scheduling a Store Tour at Aquarium Adventure, your group can participate in an exciting guided tour to learn about some of the most fascinating worlds that inhabit nearly 75 % percent of our planet- our oceans, lakes, streams and rivers. 

Summer Camp ToursWe offer the largest selection of fish, corals, aquatic plants and aquariums in the  country. Our expansive stores are as much public aquariums as retail spaces. Demonstrating our strong commitment to education, for several years we have been offering  “hands on” educational experiences to homeschoolers, classrooms, preschools, daycares, camps, scouting organizations, senior and assisted living groups. This attention grabbing tour has become so popular that many classrooms and summer camps make it an annual event.


Special Group ToursEach tour lasts approximately 30 minutes and will be specially prepared for your group size and level of understanding. Participants can also touch a starfish or hold a saltwater crab and then watch special feedings of a Stingray or Exotic Fish species. Cost for this special encounter is only $25 per group.

We believe that through education and guidance we can coexist and preserve our incredible underwater worlds. We would love to have you visit.

Call us at 792-0884 and schedule your Store Tour Today.


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