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This Weeks Arrivals

Live Arrive for MayFor 30 years we have ordered fish and unpacked boxes full of bags of fish. Still to this day, we get excited with every new arrival. Traveling and visiting suppliers is most exciting because we have the ability to “hand-pick” new and special fish that will be sent to Aquarium Adventure.

We’ve also taught our suppliers how to “hand-pick” the absolute best for our stores.

We have collectors, breeders and farmers from all over the world---Hawaii, Caribbean, Indonesia, Jakarta, Red Sea, Australia, Africa, South America, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Florida, California, Sea of Cortez, Fiji, Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. We have worked with these suppliers (yes, some for 30 years) to develop the best quality and selection. Years of meeting and visiting, “tweaking standards” and constant and consistent communication has guaranteed us the BEST of the BEST... for you! This general selection is maintained constantly as we bring in 5 to 10 shipments weekly, so you are always guaranteed to find just about anything you are looking to acquire for your aquarium. What makes Aquarium Adventure really outstanding though, is the unique, hand-picked, unusual, exotic and hard to find rare items others will not have. Every few weeks we will update our list below and share with you the really “special” items we have found from around the world----just know many won’t last long, so come check them out before they are gone!



Haitian Pink Tip Anemones
Green Ricordea Polyps
Orange Ricordea Polyps
Curly Cue Anemone
Coral Crabs – Red & Green
Porcelain Cran
Orange Gorgonian
Purple Gorgonian
Red Banded Coral Shrimp
Harlequin Serpent Starfish
Pin Cushion Urchin
Lettuce Sea Slug
Queen Angel
Pygmy Angel
Rock Beauty Angel
Chalk Bass
Black Cap Basselet
Royal Gramma
Jewel Damsel
Neon Goby
Masked Goby
Sailfin Blenny
Blue Tang
Blue Surgeon
Porcupine Puffer
Black Sea Horses
Bicolor Angel
Flame Angel
Koran Angel
Yellow Angel
Swalesi Basselet
Bicolor Blenny
Lawnmower Blenny
Scooter Blenny
Klein’s Butterfly
PJ Cardinal
Orange Tail Damsel
Diamond Goby
Dragon Goby
Long Nose Hawkfish
Red Head Pseudochromis
Scribbled Rabbit Fish
Blue Hippo Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Sailfin Tang
Yellow Eye Tang
Humu Humu Trigger
Purple Fairy Wrasse
Six Line Wrasse
Bubble Coral
Bubble Anemone
Hairy Finger Leather
Cleaner Shrimp
Candy Stripe Pistol Shrimp
Tiger Pistol Shrimp
Brittle Starfish
French Angel
Yellow Head Jawfish


Green Eye Rasbora
Glass Catfish
Red Tiger Platy
Amano Shrimp
Blueberry Shrimp
Bengal Tiger Shrimp
Red Lyretail Swordtail
Gold White Cloud
Orange Sunkist Shrimp
Cherry Shrimp
Bamboo Shrimp
Albino Cory Catfish
Similis Cory Catfish
Furcatus Rainbow Fish
Panda Garra
Sarassa Oranda Fantail Goldfish
Crowntail Betta
Halfmoon Betta
Orange Rhombo Barb
Roseline Shark
Lemon Guppy
Blue Neon Guppy
Neon Flame Guppy
Long Fin Red White Cloud
Cardinal Tetra
Bleeding Heart Tetra
Marginatus Pencil Fish
Florida Flag Fish
Scissortail Rasbora
Neon Tetra
Head & Tail Light Tetra
Glo-light Tetra
Pristella Tetra
Black Convict Cichlid
Koi Angel
Tiger Pleco Catfish --- L02
Grow Star Pleco Catfish --- L04
Redfin Black Spot Pleco Catfish --- L91
Orange Seam Pleco Catfish --- L106
Pygmy Cory Catfish
Blue Cobalt Dwarf Gourami
Red Blonde Flamingo Guppy
Neon Yellow Guppy
Zebra Snail
Nerite Snail
Julidochromis Transcriptus
Rummy Nose Tetra
Silver Tip Tetra
Black Neon Tetra
Red Tiger Oscar
Blushing Red Head Panda Angel
Punctatus Cory Catfish
Green Cory Catfish
Blue Fantail Goldfish
Calico Fantail Goldfish
Neon Rosy Barb
Dwarf Gourami
Dalmation Sailfin Molly
Goldring Hillstream Butterfly Loach
Rope Fish
Cherry Chocolate Dwarf Gourami
Orange Apistogramma Cacatuoides
Orange Von Rio Tetra
Yellow Cherry Shrimp
Gold Barb
Albino Tiger Barb
Tiger Barb
Cherry Barb --- Males
Brilliant Rasbora
Harlequin Rasbora
Long Fin Leopard Danio
Long Fin Gold Danio
Long Fin Blue Danio
Bamboo Shrimp
Endler Guppy
Bala Shark
Panda Garra
German Blue Ram
Pink Convict Cichlid
Albino Tiger Oscar
Kribensis Cichlid
Crowntail Betta
Dragonscale Betta
Clown Loach
Banjo Catfish


Hygro Pinnatifida
Golden Lloydiella
Rotala Indica
Amazon Sword
Rosette Sword
Crypt Pontederiifolia
Crypt Spiralis
Crypt Bronze Wendtii
Sagittaria Subulata
Sagittaria Chilensis
Apontogeton Crispus
Banana Plant
Moss Balls
Dwarf Baby Tears
Micro Sword
Pogostemon Stellatus
Lemon Bacopa
Jungle Val



Hi Fin Banded Shark
Shubunkin --- 3”, 4” & 6”
Sarassa Comet --- 3”, 4” & 6”
Koi --- 3”, 5”, 6”, 8” & 10”
Butterfly Koi --- 3”, 4” & 5”
Pond Comets --- 3”, 4’ & 6”
Black Mystery Snail
Blue Mystery Snail


Georgia peach lilies
Dallas lilies
Rembrandt lilies
Chubby white lilies
Ultra Violet Lilies
Bullseye Lilies
Bengal Tiger Canna marginal
Papyrus marginal
Umbrella Palm marginal
Varigated  Iris marginal
Corkscrew Rush marginal
Cardinal Flower marginal
Black Magic Taro marginal
Red Night Hibiscus marginal
Water Lettuce